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Furniture Painting


Discover Something Unique & Special to Brighten your Day

Local women-owned businesses, creatives & small batch makers


Here at Missy Hay Collective, its all about cherishing the "stuff" that is in need of NEW life, NEW homes and NEW owners.  We are creatives; we see something unique in everything and we instantly have the strong desire to put our own spin on it.  And, we've got exceptional taste!  Things don't need to get pitched into a landfill or tossed aside in our world, where they can be

RE-created, RE-furbished or RE-used


From home decor & DYI supplies to clothing and accessories,

we have something for everyone.

We create to inspire others to create at home!

Embrace Imperfection!

Our idea of a 'Collective' was formed serendipitously. 

The passion for UPCYCLING was the common bond...

but we quickly realized that we are all lovers of "pretty things."


And we are on a mission to one common goal:

helping each other in a space that allows us to encourage customers to support LOCAL, unique makers and businesses.  

 Join Us for

Check out the booking section to see the latest class options!  You can book in one on one studio time, a private class of 3-8 people or join in on one or more of the monthly group classes!


Find Unique & Stylish Pieces FOR YOU & YOUR HOME

From a wide selection of furniture & craft paints, Iron Orchid Designs products, stencils and paintbrushes to journals, candles, handmade home decor and jewelry, there are so many great categories to browse through!

Art & craft supplies with unique home decor and gift ideas make Missy Hay Collective a

one stop handmade-with-love shop!


199 Howard St.

Kimberley, British Columbia

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