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The 'Collective'




- a group of entities that share a common goal or are motivated by at least one common objective.

- a group of individuals organized to become one committed entity


~ Embrace Imperfection ~

Miss Hay collective
Miss Hay collective

Our idea of a 'Collective' was formed serendipitously.  The passion for UPCYCLING was the common bond...but we quickly realized that we are all lovers of "pretty things."  And we are on a mission to one common goal: helping each other in a space that allows us to encourage customers to support LOCAL, unique makers and businesses.  


We are a couple of creative, entrepreneurial women with a strong desire to support other local women-owned businesses, creatives and small batch makers.  We strongly encourage customers to unleash inner creativity, embracing all imperfections and we foster an empowerment of the strength in femininity, authenticity and sisterhood!

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